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Chemical Engineering
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Chementator Briefs

| By Gerald Ondrey

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CO2 to CO

SK Innovation Institute of Environmental Science & Technology, an R&D organization of SK Innovation Co. Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea; ), has successfully manufactured about 1 kg/d of CO using diatomic catalyst (DAC) technology, which selectively converts CO2 into CO in an electrochemical process. The results of this demonstration were published in a recent issue of Chemical Engineering Journal.

According to the article, the diatomic catalyst consists of heteronuclear Ni and Fe sites anchored on N-doped carbon material (NiFe-DAC). A “unique coordination structure of hetero-diatomic site” enables the catalyst to preferentially convert CO2 into CO with a CO selectivity of more than 97% under an industrially-relevant current density of 200 mA/cm2 in 25-cm2 and 140-cm2 zero-gap membrane electrode assembly (MEA) CO2 electrolyzers. A scale-up demonstration using a 140 cm 2 four-cell stack achieves an exclusive CO2-to-CO generation rate of about 45 L/h.

The DAC technology was developed by the research team and published last year in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental.


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