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McPhy to supply electrolyzers to HMS Oil and Gas in Germany

| By Mary Bailey

Energy S.A. (La Motte Fanjas, France) announced the signing of a major contract with HMS Oil and Gas division GmbH, based in Berlin, for the supply and commissioning of four McLyzer 3200-30 with a capacity totaling 64 MW. The electrolyzers will operate on the Radeland Compression station, Brandenburg, which is connected to a pipe network connection, going from the Baltic Sea to the Southwest of Germany. Its strategic position will make this site a key contributor to the hydrogen conversion of this important natural gas pipeline into one of the major hydrogen pipelines, as part of the project “Flow – making hydrogen happen”. This large-scale project is the first mover project to start-up a key milestone in gas grid conversion to hydrogen in Europe, and aims at using existing infrastructure, to rapidly open up important areas across Europe for hydrogen ramp up.

The contract is structured on two phases, starting with the supply of one McLyzer 3200-30, with a capacity of 16 MW, which will be commissioned and in operation end of 2025. The second phase comprises three additional McLyzer 3200-30 to be commissioned in 2027. Those electrolyzers, of a total capacity of 64 MW, will be supplied with electricity sourced from a wind park and photovoltaic plants nearby the station and will produce up to 10,000 tons of low-carbon hydrogen per year. The final investment decision for phase I will be in 2024 and for phase II end of 2025.

McPhy has planned to start manufacturing the McLyzer 3200-30 on its newly constructed Gigafactory in Belfort with the design and engineering of very high-capacity electrolysis systems in the framework of this contract. It will be supported by the San Miniato plant in Italy for the production of stacks. McPhy will also provide long-term maintenance services.

Jean-Baptiste Lucas, Chief Executive Officer of McPhy, declares: “We are thrilled to announce the signing of a major contract with HMS Oil and Gas division in Germany for the supply and commissioning of four McLyzer 3200-30 with a capacity totaling 64 MW. McPhy once again reveals its ability to support its partners in their quest for energy transition by taking part with HMS to a large-scale project, which will highly contribute to hydrogen ramp up across Europe. With the upcoming launch of our Gigafactory, we look forward to ultimately support other key milestone projects across the region and thus further harnessing the power of hydrogen.”

Dennis Schwind, Chief Executive Officer of HMS Bergbau AG, says: “As a Berlin-based and globally active company, HMS Bergbau AG is always endeavoring to provide suitable energy solutions for all regions of the world. In addition, of course we also have a very special interest in helping to shape the changing energy environment here on our doorstep with a project of this kind.”

Update on the Djewels project

The Djewels project, signed in July 2023 involves the supply of a 20-megawatt McPhy Electrolyzer in Delfzijl (Netherlands), to be operated by HyCC. As a reminder, this project is subject to a final investment decision by HyCC. HyCC aims to take this decision in the course of the 1st half of 2024, instead of end 2023 as initially considered, pending EU approval of a subsidy from the Dutch state; this approval being in the final stage of public consultation process.

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