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Plug Power starts up liquid green-hydrogen plant in Georgia

| By Mary Bailey

(Latham, N.Y.) has started operation of the largest liquid green hydrogen plant in the U.S. market.

A truly unique accomplishment, this is the largest electrolytic liquid hydrogen production plant, and largest PEM electrolyzer deployment operating in the U.S., representing a landmark achievement in Plug’s build-out of a vertically integrated hydrogen ecosystem. The plant showcases Plug’s own electrolyzer technology, demonstrating first-hand to customers its reliability in producing sustainable fuel.

Located in Woodbine, Georgia, the plant is designed to produce 15 tons per day (TPD) of liquid electrolytic hydrogen – enough to power approximately 15,000 forklifts per day. Through eight 5-megawatt (MW) PEM electrolyzers, water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gas is then condensed into liquid form at -423F to be delivered to customers’ hydrogen fueling stations through Plug’s logistics network using Plug cryogenic trailers.

This new facility will bolster Plug’s supply of liquid hydrogen currently being delivered to Plug’s pedestal customers for material handling operations, fuel cell electric vehicle fleets, and stationary power applications. Liquid hydrogen production, in addition to the on-going ga搜字段擎游戏引擎提升us hydrogen production, is expected to positively impact Plug’s bottom line and provide an additional step change in fuel margin expansion. The addition of this liquid green hydrogen production plant to Plug’s electrolyzer, fuel cell, and cryogenic equipment manufacturing facilities enables Plug to further its vision for building a vertically integrated green hydrogen ecosystem, a one-stop shop for producing, liquefying, storing, and transporting hydrogen. The continued build-out of Plug’s global hydrogen network allows customers to seamlessly integrate hydrogen into its operations across multiple industries. Customer demand for green hydrogen has grown as a low-carbon energy source for hard-to-decarbonize industries, such as heavy-duty transportation, heavy manufacturing (steel, cement, aluminum, and chemicals), stationary power generation, and aviation. In addition, hydrogen-supportive policies in both Europe and the U.S. have improved the economic attractiveness of green hydrogen. “We have achieved a historic milestone for Plug and the entire hydrogen ecosystem,” said Andy Marsh, Plug Power CEO. “Bringing this green hydrogen plant online demonstrates that we are the leading builder of global hydrogen infrastructure for supporting customer demand in decarbonizing their operations.” Plug finished the plant at a rapid pace of 18 months, more than two times faster than the three-year industry standard for hydrogen plants. The location of the plant near I-95 (one mile away) and I-10 (20 miles away) enables easy access to commercial and industrial centers, including Plug’s pedestal customers throughout the U.S. The Company has been operating a pilot ga搜素搜索平台调优us hydrogen plant in Georgia using Plug’s 5MW electrolyzer platform for over a year now, supporting high pressure tube trailer filling for Plug as well as other customers. The company is doing substantial work on other U.S. based plants, including plants in Louisiana, New York and Texas.
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